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  • Glass Gardens

    Glass Gardens

    Glass dish with growing green plants decorated with white flowers.

  • Phalaenopsis


    White phalaenopsis orchid. For home or the service.

  • Dish Garden With Daisies

    Dish Garden With Daisies

    Garden in wicker trimmed with daisies.

  • Bowl Of Yellow

    Bowl Of Yellow

    Bowl design with all yellow calla, roses orchids, paw ans curly willow.

  • Green Garden

    Green Garden

    Dish garden in ceramic decorated with added fresh flowers of designer's choice a...

  • Violets In Wicker

    Violets In Wicker

    A wicker basket filled with flowering african violets.

  • Teddy Design

    Teddy Design

    A willow basket with white roses, yellow stock and blue monti casino trimmed in ...

  • Teddy Bear Garden

    Teddy Bear Garden

    Cuddly and colorful, our Teddy Bear Garden is a delight for every age! Perky sun...

  • Blooming Duo

    Blooming Duo

    Pick your two favorite blooming plants, we'll dress them up and send them on the...

  • Mini Dish Darden

    Mini Dish Darden

    Petite and perky, our Ceramic Dish Garden is the perfect hostess gift or a pick-...

  • Heavenly Hydrangea

    Heavenly Hydrangea

    With its big, beautiful blooms, hydrangea signify perseverance and "thank you fo...

  • Oh Baby Basket

    Oh Baby Basket

    Welcome the new little one and share family joy with this sunshine basket brimmi...

  • Sweetest Day Memories

    Sweetest Day Memories

    Happy memories of your sweet thoughtfulness will win the day with this cheerful ...

  • Wildflower Garden

    Wildflower Garden

    Name your favorite flower and it's here! Send a rainbow of good wishes to all yo...

  • Herbs And Flowers

    Herbs And Flowers

    Fresh-picked from the fields, stems of fragrant sage and mint accent our sun-fre...

  • Ooh La La Lilies

    Ooh La La Lilies

    This dramatic design features pink Oriental lilies nestled in pink "crushed ice....

  • Sunflower Fields

    Sunflower Fields

    Fresh from the fields, our dazzling sunflowers are sure to please all those who ...

  • Pure Pleasures

    Pure Pleasures

    Pure beauty and sweet innocence come to life in this dreamy collection of pearly...

  • Nature's Glory

    Nature's Glory

    Share Nature's Glory and surprise someone special today!

  • The Greeting Basket

    The Greeting Basket

    Lavender and lovely, our fresh-packed Greeting Basket features alstroemeria, ros...


Items 1 to 20 of 28 total

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