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Birthday Flowers

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  • Yellow Mum Plant

    Yellow Mum Plant

    Yellow mum plant trimmed with grape vine.

  • Bowl Of Yellow

    Bowl Of Yellow

    Bowl design with all yellow calla, roses orchids, paw ans curly willow.

  • Violets In Wicker

    Violets In Wicker

    A wicker basket filled with flowering african violets.

  • Garden of Foliage

    Garden of Foliage

    Green plants in a wicker basket.

  • Growing Garden

    Growing Garden

    European garden in wicker, flowering violet and foliage plants. Trimmed with nes...

  • Three For All

    Three For All

    Send a trio of fresh garden delights! Shown: kalanchoe, polka dot and ivy plants...

  • Mixed Dozen

    Mixed Dozen

    Every rose has a different meaning, and our stunning collection of four differen...

  • Rosy Rewards

    Rosy Rewards

    Specialty roses, daisy pompons, alstroemeria and hypericum are a festive, fragra...

  • Oh Oh Over The Hill

    Oh Oh Over The Hill

    Their memory might be failing, but they'll never forget this birthday surprise! ...

  • Birthday Bud Vase

    Birthday Bud Vase

    A large cappuccino mug overflows with colorful daisy mums, solidago, alstroemeri...

  • Birthday Stems And Streamers

    Birthday Stems And Streamers

    It's a birthday party in a vase! Roses, Fuji mums, Asiatic lilies, carnations an...

  • Happy Birthday Basket

    Happy Birthday Basket

    A basket brimming with our freshest daisy pompons, alstroemeria, an Asiatic lily...

  • Blooming Birthday Cake

    Blooming Birthday Cake

    They'll never forget this incredible birthday surprise! Spray roses, pompons and...

  • Sweetest Day Memories

    Sweetest Day Memories

    Happy memories of your sweet thoughtfulness will win the day with this cheerful ...

  • Paradise Pleasures

    Paradise Pleasures

    Bird of Paradise soar in this tropical vase arrangement, also featuring anthuriu...

  • Tropical Celebration

    Tropical Celebration

    Feel the sunshine and ocean breezes! Bird of Paradise, orchids and anthurium are...

  • Terra Cotta Treasures

    Terra Cotta Treasures

    A treasured greeting for any occasion, our fiery collection of snapdragons, Gerb...

  • Sunflower Fields

    Sunflower Fields

    Fresh from the fields, our dazzling sunflowers are sure to please all those who ...

  • Daisy Daze

    Daisy Daze

    A sparkling glass vase overflowing with sun-kissed daisies is a sure-fire way to...

  • Symply Sensational

    Symply Sensational

    Featuring 21 varieties of flowers and every color of the rainbow, this sensation...


Items 1 to 20 of 23 total

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